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   They are custom handmade with the highest quality of ceramic, guaranteed to last and fit
    so naturally to meet your highest expectations.
   2 quick sessions! Within a couple of days your Hollywood smile will be ready.
   No drilling, no shots, no temporaries!
   No preparation done to your teeth, the procedure is 100% safe.
    permanent Hollywood smile.
   The veneers will help protect your teeth from acid erosion and physiologic wear.
   The procedure is reversible, if you ever desire to have your Veneers removed you will still have
    your teeth just the way they were.
   No staining or darkening can affect your veneers. Smoke and eat whatever you want,
   Not only celebrities can have gorgeous Hollywood smiles! You can as well! This kind of veneer
   is very cost effective. Invest in yourself, you deserve to smile like a star.
   Smile with Style!
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