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- Lumineers Hollywood Smile
- Emax Veneers Hollywood Smile
- Prismatic Veneers Hollywood Smile
- Prepless Veneers Hollywood Smile
- Pure Full Ceramic Hollywood Smile
- Zirconium Technology Hollywood Smile
- Porcelain Veneers Hollywood Smile
- Direct Veneers Hollywood Smile
- Inman Aligner Invisible Removable Braces
- Professional Teeth Whitening
- Laser Aided Flapless Dental Implants
- Full Mouth Dental Implants
- Prosthetic And Restorative Treatments
- Laser Gummy Smile Surgery
- Other Dental Procedures
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   At Style Dental Clinic we provide all types of dental and oral surgeries including:
     - Dental implants (including immediate dental extraction and immediate implantation and
       dental prosthesisin the same day if possible).
     - Laser assisted flapless dental implants.
     - Robotic dental implant surgery.
     - Dental bone graft (Autogenous and synthetic source when present bone isn't enough to place a dental
       implant vertically or horizontally).
     - External sinus lift ( when there is a defect in the bone vertically before dental implant placement).
     - Internal sinus lift ( minor vertical bone defect previously to dental implant placement).
     - Dental bone splitting and bone graft.
     - Laser crown lengthening (procedure done to eliminate gummy smiles or create enough biological
       space for the dental prosthesis).
     - Gum graft (procedure done to eliminate gum recession in the tooth).
     - Frenectomy.
    - Hyperplasia removal.
    -Laser assisted dental extractions.
    -Complicated surgical wisdom teeth removal.
    -Impacted canine removal or exposure
    -Mini dental implants placement.
    -All other minor procedures done in the mouth.
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